Vertex BD Building Design


Productivity for home builders
Vertex BD is a highly flexible CAD software platform for home builders. It will revolutionise how your company uses your architectural drawings and models. Vertex BD adapts to your specific way of building. Vertex easily handles your particular building details, making your design process more efficient and flexible. The unique Vertex platform enables you to custom fit Vertex technology to different parts of your business, streamlining your operations.
Vertex BD tools are designed to fit the way you work, making your design process more flexible, efficient and productive.

BIM - one source of building information
The Building Information Model (BIM) in Vertex BD is your single source for everything in your design and construction process. Vertex BD uses real building elements to model your designs in every detail, exactly as it will be built. The Building Information Model is the source of all information including drawings, material estimates, framing details - even sales tools. Vertex BD offers even more ways to make the most of your design.